Crumar Composer

Polyphonic Synthesizer (1982)

4 sections-combi vintage Analog Italian Synth  Mono/Polyphonic synth, organ, strings -quite rare designed by Luciano Jura


OVERVIEW huge and heavy: 49 keys with  TOUCH MODULATION that active modulation depending on pressure on keys. On the left two wheels on the left (one for pitch-bend on mono synth, the other for poly part). The Composer keyboard is organized in color for sound sections: yellow for the mono synth, red for the poly, grey for the organ and blue for the string section  - all section have individual out and volume pot.
Keyboard can be split for performance at Middle DO only for SOLO-synth.

- Siel Cruise is a kind of similar combi machine
- Crumar Trilogy is a bit similar

Terminal connectors:
-  master pitch control 
- main out (mix)
- breath controller INfor VCA /  VCF sections with a plastic tube  with sensivity trim, very similar to the one on CRUMAR -SYNTHAPHONE
- 4 individual out for each section


OSCILLATORS the machine generates four different parts: MONO, POLY, STRING and ORGAN
- MONO: one oscillator (footage 32', 16', 8' or 4')  with detune mode and five shapes: ramp, triangle, square and 2  pulse waves with different width. It features also a ADSR envelope controls and a resonant LPF
- POLY features 2 oscillators (ramp / square shape)  may be selected - only OSC1 can be detuned.
Sound can be edited, sharing knobs with MONO section.
- ORGAN with decay , sustain - you can add a 4' and/or a 2⅔' percussion. Special RSS is a kind of leslie rotor with 2 speeds called slow fast. It's more like a 4 lines chorus based on BBD type TDA.
- String: two octaves at 16' /  8 with 2 segment control of envelope (Crescendo which is attack , Sustain which is release) and a timbre, a kind of tonal control of the sound EQ

PRESETS  each section features different presets (all stored in digital):
-Mono: 7 (cannot be edited) +   'Free' edit mode
-Poly: 3 presets
-Strings: 1 sound with variable timbre, sustain EG
-Organ: 4 presets plus programmable percussion mode

Crumar Composer Specifications

Model: Composer
Brand: Crumar
Year: 1982
Country: italy
Display: none
Keyboard: 49 keys
Polyphony: 49 notes
Multitimbral: 4 parts

Weight: 17  Kg
Dimensions: N/A
IC M110B1  TMS3617NS tone generation.,
CEM: CEM3310 EG, CEM 3320 VCF CEM3330 VCA

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