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Behringer Model D

3 VCO fat synth (2018)


Overview and synthesis

OVERVIEW module SMD reprodution of classic iconic Moog Minimoog from immortal genius Bob Moog, still  monophonic but can be Polychained with more units. Of course the keyboard and rich wood features has gone, but we're talking about a low cost (tiny) module which tries to keep price as low as possible. Light weight with metal case (can be eurorack mounted for a mere 70 HP) .

Oscillator Switch on and wait 15 minutes for tuning... and same 3 -VCO structures with 6 shapes (triangle, sawtooth, ramp and 3 pulse for osc 1 and osc 2, whereas osc 3 replaces the sawtooth with a reversed one) at 5 different footages height ( LO, 32', 16', 8', 4', and 2') - The third osc can be used as an LFO like the original - also the standard white/pink noise generator.

model D

Filter, EG and LFO

FILTER Unlike the original beast, the filter is now dual mode adding a HPF to classic 4 poles LPF with emphasis, octave tracking and contour. Also external audio process thru VCF with feedback trick for more gritty sound.

2 ADS(D)  for VCA and VCF. Glide option

like the 2016 minimoog reiusse, the Model D "boog" has a dedicated LFO (you can still use the LFO3 at the same time) with triangle and pulse shape that can be send by midi CC1 as it lacks a modualtion wheel.

Midi implementation is rather poor with basic Midi commands like note and modulation. Some Sysex but seems to be beta for now, maybe a future update by USB.
Model D

Model D Technical Data

  • Analogue signal path (VCO mixer-VCF-VCA)
  • 3 VCOs with 5 waveforms
  • 24 dB ladder filter with resonance
  • High pass / low pass modes
  • Analogue LFO with rectangle / triangle waveforms
  • Monophonic sound generation with polychain capability for up to 16 voices
  • Noise generator
  • Overdrive circuit
  • Semi-modular with 13 patch points
  • 49 Controls for direct access
  • Can be used as a complete Eurorack synthesiser voice (width: 70 HP)
  • 3.5 mm audio input for sound processing from external sources
  • 2 Line outputs (6.3 mm) with different levels
  • 3.5 mm headphone output
  • MIDI In / Thru and USB-MIDI
  • Dimensions: 90 x 374 x 136 mm
  • Weight: 1.7 kg
  • Power adapter included (12 V DC, 1000 mA)
  • model D

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    Audio demo and video 

    behringer model D behringer model D
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