Welson Keyboard Orchestra

Simple analog keyboard with presets from Italy (1979)


OVERVIEW analog italian preset keyboard with some minimal control. 
Main panel is really simple with 4 push buttons and sliders pots for sound control 

- Welson symphony a bigger version with more features

Terminal connectors:
- 2 volume pedal with dins for percussive and strings
- 2 individual signal out for percussive and strings
- pitch tuning


SOUNDS Full polyphony, paraphonic down divider technology.
Just 4 presets: cello, violin, piano and harpsichord that can be mixed with relative volume on the front. Push and voilà!

ENVELOPE it is possible con control both sustain and decay of the whole sound using the sliders.

Welson Keyboard Orchestra Specifications

Model: Keyboard orchestra
Brand: Welson
Year: 1979
Country: italy
Display: none
Original Price: n/a
Actual Price: 300€ (growing)

Keyboard: 49 keys with no velocity C/C
Polyphony: full
Synthesis: Analog Subtractive
Timbrality: 1
Envelope: 2 segments
Memory:4 patches

Midi: no
Sequencer: no
Weight: n/a
Dimensions: n/a

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