Elka CR-99 

MIDI Disk Recorder (1983)

Early Midi events recorder  from Italy, can be used also as primitive sequencer


OVERVIEW black unit, can be rackmounted with special ears (optional). 
The Cr99 features a simple numeric 3 digit LED display for all operation. Storage is a  3.5" floppy disks as storage, no HD of course :). Use is quite simple : several buttons for accessing the unit's various functions,  format a disk, select a song number to record to and press Record followed by Start.

Terminal connectors:
MIDI Input
Midi Thru
Midi Out ( x 2)
Power is provided via a 7.7 volt PSU AC-AC


MEMORY Each disk (double-sided, double-density 3.5" which is 720kb) can store up to 80,000 notes/MIDI events organized into up to 99 Songs. 
Machine is also able to record sysex events for synth archive (well at time) but it does not feature EVENT FILTER.

TEMPO can be set  between 50% and 200% from recorded material with a 96 ppqn resolution approx

OVERDUB you can make some dubbing for your recorded tracks that can be handy for real time jamming. There are not advanced functions such as quantisize... So be precise with your little fingers.

DISK  the file system is compatible with MS DOS and of course Atari at the time . All data are named as" SONGnn.DAT" where "nn "is the CR-99's song number. It is possible today to fit a Gotek drive USB to replace internal Sony model MP-F11W-50d.


ELKA CR99 Specifications

Model: CR99
Brand: ELKA
Year: 1989
Country: Italy
Display: segment
Original Price: €500
Actual Price: €30

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