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360 systems Midi Bass

Digital Audio bass sounds (1986)

360 systems

"Vintage sample player from California, based on EPROM focused on 80' bass sounds. 360 systems is also famous for their 360 Systems Digital Keyboard. Still in Business today :)  "


OVERVIEW  Quite simple sturdy sound module, 5 buttons and 2 selectors.
Also a rare RED version outfit.

Terminal connectors:
- Main signal out  
- Midi input (channel can be set from 1 to 14...odd) 
- Midi thru 

Midi bass


SOUND Midi Bass  on a single Intel p8031AH CPU. It is able to play 1 sample at the time sampled at a audio bandwidth of 16 Hz to 16,000 Hz.
Each of the 4 front pads are assigned to a sample stored on EPROM.

MIDI  Implementation is quite simple with classic note on/off, velocity and pitch bender. Also program change to switch internal sounds, channel can be selected from frontal switch from 1 to 14 only (where's 15-16?)

KEY LIMIT You can easily define the Midi Bass Low and High range on you keyboard for split. Just use the "key priority switch"

PRIORITY  By setting the key priority switch properly, it is possible to have 3 settings: last/lower/higher note

Midi Bass


EPROM "Welcome to the world of sampled bass sounds. You have just  purchased an instrument of unusual and exciting capability-- for this  one can reproduce ANY SOUND that is stored on its digital memory chips" the midi bass commercial slogan! Sounds can be changed swapping the eprom, some Bass Midi seemed to be directly modified with ZIFF sockets for easy swap.
Original libraries included: funk and popped bass, flat picked, bass, acoustic bass, standup, bowed bass, Yamaha DX7, Moog Minimoog.


Midi Bass specifications

Company: 360 systems
Country: United States
Weight: /
Dimensions: / mm
trend price : 200€
Keyboard: none
Dates: 1986
Display: none
Synthesis: digital sampler player
Polyphony: 1 voice
Multitimbric: 1 part
Oscillator: 1 PCM
Waveform: EPROM
Noise generator: none
LFO: none
Envelope: none
Midi: yes
CV: none
IC: CEM 3320

Are you aMIDI BASS  fan? how do you use it? You do not agree with our review?  Let us know in the comment field just below 


Did you know?  Video demo

The bass intro from the 1989 American sitcom "seinfeld" is actually from the Midi bass modules :)



360 systems Midi Bass 360 systems Midi Bass
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