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360 systems Digital Keyboard

Digital Audio synthesizer (1982)

"A quite rare synthesizer from California, a few 200 models have been made. This was one of the first keyboard based on PCM samples. Not much information about this one"


OVERVIEW 49 keys, Buttons, Knobs for neat cutoff VCF, sound balancing, Mod - Wheel Pitch -Wheel for Modulation LFO. Midi Implementation is quite simple with classic note on/off, velocity, mod wheel and pitch bender.  
Back panel terminal connectors:  
- stereo audio out 
- Midi interface 
- computer interface (?) 
- 2 pedals input (VCF and SUSTAIN)


SAMPLE PLAYER The keyboard plays samples stored on a huge amount of EPROMS banks (really expensive at the time).
Up to 8 voices polyphony with a layer of 2 sounds with volume balancing and 1 single modulator LFO for vibrato (frequency can be set)
Presets cannot be changed much but filter cutoff (analog LPF), pitch adjustment or set to lower and higher limites splits, layer swap, transpose.
PRESETS Including samples from Bosendorfer Grand piano, strings, vibraphone, guitars, fretless bass, slap bass, various brass and woodwinds like trumpet, saxophone, bassoon and clarinet

Eprom with sound for 360 systems

360 systems Digital Keyboard Specifications

Company: 360 systems
Country: United States
Actual trend price : 2000€
Keyboard: 49 keys
Dates: 1982
Display: none
Synthesis: digital sampler player
Polyphony: 8 voices
Multitimbric: 2 part
Oscillator: 1 PCM
Waveform: EPROM
Noise generator: none
LFO: 1
Midi: yes
CV: none
IC: CEM 3320?
Weight: /
Dimensions: / mm

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Scan1 brochure from era

Scan2 brochure from era

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360 systems Digital Keyboard 360 systems
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